NR Series

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Nr barrel shut off (2)


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Prevents the Backflow of Resin from the Cavity

When the gate is in the closed position, backflow of the molten resin is prevented by means of the piston.

100% Prevention of Stringing

The Plagate shut-off nozzle exhibits outstanding performance when used for the injection molding of high flow resins, such as polypropylene and nylon.

Prevention of Drooling

Zero vestige due to the valve gate seal, leading to enhanced quality.

Improved Injection Rate

The molten resin in the cylinder is pressurized and flows into the Plagate shut-off nozzle. This works as a simple accumulator, and speeds up the filling process.

The Plagate nozzle has no “dead space” thereby preventing the retention of molten resin.

All flow channels in the Plagate nozzle are streamlined in design, preventing the retention of molten resin, as well as scorching, burning, or overheating.

Strong Spring

The spring is made of a super alloy steel and is precision tempered, making it strong and remarkably durable.