AH Series

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High Resin Flow, Low Sheer Stress

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The resin flow through the gate area is smoother, reducing molecular pressure and fragmentation of the resin, therefore, reducing sheer stress.

Preventing the Backflow of Resin

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The piston is a specially shaped design which seals the gate precisely and prevents back flow from the cavities
Durable, Low Maintenance Design for High Volume Production

FISA’s patented internal structure is a durable, low maintenance design for high volume production.

FISA’s Patented Valve Mechanism

Patented, internal spring design, utilizes resin pressure for actuation of the gate.

Simple Mechanism

AH nozzles use a simplified design that allows shut- off on the diameter of the piston, eliminating the extreme precision fit of the NH series piston.

Compatibility to NH Series

Compatible with most NH applications for retrofitting.