The American company, based in Tullahoma, Tennessee, is the marketing, distribution and service arm of a highly respected Japanese manufacturer of precision nozzles for the injection molding industry. Its PLAGATE System is recognized as superior to any competitive product currently on the market in the U.S., and has been popular in other parts of the world for many years.

The PLAGATE System is simple and compact in design, without pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders, requires no timing device for opening and closing the gate, has easy gate balance control and a perfect seal, which increases product quality and reduces waste. The nozzles are easy to install or remove, require minimum maintenance and are cost effective through reduction in wasted material, minimized cycle time and reduction of post-injection finished processes.

The company was established in 1961, and during its early years developed and produced a high-temperature camera for X-ray analysis, a sphere-boring machine, and a series of electrostatic eliminators. It developed the PLAGATE System in 1974 and was subsequently awarded the Ichimura Prize for Originality in Engineering. In 1994, FISA won an award from the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry for environmental preservation.

The company now operates 6 manufacturing facilities and 7 sales and service offices throughout Japan, and markets its products in over 15 countries worldwide. Opening of the U.S. company in 1996 was its first venture in North America.

Company Name FISA Corporation
Address P.O. Box 1566, Tullahoma Tennessee 37388
Phone 931-808-8044
President Mari Fugate
Established September 1996