May 2018

May this year will be a very busy month for those of us in the plastics industry. NPE 2018 in Orlando is fast approaching. If nothing else, it gives us a chance to catch up with acquaintances
every three years.

I like the show because it gives me a chance to see the latest cutting-edge technologies that have been released into the marketplace. On one campus you can investigate anything related
to plastics and plastic processing from a global perspective. As designer’s imagination become more creative and adventurous, it is up to us to make their dreams (designs) come true.

This show will bring together every aspect of our industry to help us be successful. I hope you take the opportunity to visit the show. If you do, be sure to take plenty of notes, pick 3 of the ideas that will help your processes, and wear comfortable shoes.

Hope to see there.

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Mark Gilley
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April 2018

Spring officially started in March. It is time that the landscapes start to wake up from a long cold winter. The trees will start to bud out and that is the start of the tree pollen season. The daffodils have bloomed here in Middle Tennessee and soon it will be safe to put out the tender vegetables like tomatoes and the like.

That is a good segue into the topic for April’s blog, the benefits of performing routine maintenance on your FISA hot runner nozzles. One of the main components in a properly operating nozzle is the spring. The spring can fatigue through overheating, that is why we recommend using a propane torch and not a MAPP torch to heat the nozzle to remove the piston assembly (torpedo front, piston, spring, and torpedo rear for the NH series and collar, spring and piston for the AH series).

The AH2/NH2 has two strengths of springs, SG2818KNP for the standard force and the SG2819KNP for the stronger force. The SG28 states this spring is for the AH2 or NH2 series nozzle. The 18 or 19 indicates the minimum length of the spring (mm) that will allow for proper operation inside the nozzle. This will insure proper opening and closing to eliminate the drool or leakage of the melt.

If you are using the AH4 or NH4 they also have two strengths SG4022KNP for the standard force and SG4024KNP for the stronger force. Please use same precautions when heating the nozzle to remove the piston assembly. The SG40 states these springs are for the AH4 or NH4 series nozzle. The 22 or 24 for indicate the minimum length of the spring (mm) that will allow for proper operation inside the nozzle. This will insure proper opening and closing to eliminate the drool or leakage of the melt.

After the removal of the piston assembly and the cleaning of the piston assembly, it always a good practice to measure the spring length with a pair of calipers before the re-assembly. If the spring measure anything less than the minimum length of that spring, we recommend it be replaced. We also recommend replacing the seal ring, PS157, between the nozzle and the flange when you re-attach the nozzle to the flange. That will eliminate leakage between the flange and nozzle.

These items are inexpensive and help you provide a good quality part to your customer at the most competitive cost.

So, until next month, get out take a ride through the country, enjoy the spring flowers, the flowering trees and help insure your hot runner nozzles are operating as new.

Contact me to get a quote for your replacement components. We have a complete stock of these items on the shelf and can ship 1-day ARO.

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Mark Gilley
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March 2018

This year marks the 22-year FISA Corporation has been selling our patented Plagate hot runner nozzles out of our US corporate headquarters in Tennessee. While the US operation was established in 1996, our parent company, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, was established January 7, 1961. During its early years, they developed and produced a high-temperature camera for X-ray analysis, a sphere-boring machine, and a series of electrostatic eliminators. In 1974, Mr. Toshio Saito developed and patented the Plagate Hot Runner System.

FISA Corporation was awarded over 20 patents while Mr. Saito was President. FISA was awarded the prestigious Ichimura Prize for Originality in Engineering. FISA is also very environmentally conscious and won the award for environmental preservation from the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

FISA Corporation is now a global company operating 6 manufacturing facilities with 7 sales offices located in Japan, China, Thailand, and Tennessee. The Tennessee office supports injection molders in many industry segments, toys, automotive, consumer goods, and electronics to name a few throughout North America, South America, and Europe with sales, manufacturing and engineering services.

I think it is important to look at our legacy to see the foundation for the present. President Mr. Susumu Saito (3 rd generation) brings the same passion as his father to lead FISA into the future. Ms. Mari Fugate (also 3 rd generation), President of the US operation, has the same vision as her father in providing the best hot runner nozzles at a competitive cost with the world-class customer service.

FISA Corporation is large enough to support our customer’s demanding technical requirements with a strong emphasis in engineering and design. We are small enough to provide the world-class level of customer service that our customers have become accustomed.

If you have any hot runner needs, whether it is a multi-drop manifold system, a single drop hot runner, emergency spare parts to get your mold back in the molding machine, or spare parts for a future refurbishment please contact me and I will provide that world class service.

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Mark Gilley
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February 2018

The groundhog saw his shadow, so he says there will be 6 more weeks of winter. Whether he is correct or not, one thing we do know is spring will be here soon. Just as we know spring will be here in March, we also know your customers expect you to meet their quality and delivery requirements.

FISA Corporation is here to help you not only satisfy these increasing customer requirements with low maintenance and low downtime hot runner nozzles, the direct gated nozzles can reduce cycle time and material usage, this will have a positive impact to your bottom line.

If you need to have new tools built, FISA Plagate hot runner nozzles are cost competitive. They use pressure from the screw to open and close the gate with no “gate drool” so no pneumatics or hydraulics are needed. We have much experience in engineered resins with our patented AH nozzle systems. If you are using commodity resins, our patented NH series is a very reliable solution. Both series have an expanded range of shot sizes to meet your needs.

We have successfully replaced other manufactures hot runner nozzles with the dependable FISA Plagate hot runner nozzles. Our engineering department will use your tool drawings to design the specific nozzle replacement to improve your process.

So, whether you are looking to build new tools, replace existing hot runner nozzles, refurbish your existing FISA Plagate nozzles, or even if you have an injection mold that you would like to investigate the feasibility of optimizing of the molding of your parts, contact our sales department to get FISA involved.

We have an extensive inventory of standard components; therefore, we can ship spare part orders 1-day ARO to keep your tools in the machines and making good parts.

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Mark Gilley
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January 2018

Well, 2018 has arrived and the strong economy appears to be trending for the foreseeable future. As many segments of the economy continue to strengthen, your customers are ramping up their production lines resulting in increased orders and shipping requirements for you.

FISA Corporation is here to partner with you to help deliver quality parts and to help keep your plastic processing costs low; moreover, to have a positive impact on your bottom line. A runner-less hot runner system is a very efficient way to introduce the melt into the injection mold. Our NH and AH series hot runner nozzles can inject a wide range of materials and shot sizes with very little witness mark or vestige around the gate area.

If you have new projects that will require injection mold tools, please contact our Engineering Department so they can design a single drop mono flange nozzle or a multi drop manifold system. The simple design of our nozzles, make it easy to balance a multi drop system without any pneumatics or hydraulics. We use the injection pressure from the screw to operate the gates.

If you have existing FISA nozzles and would like to refurbish or optimize the nozzles, FISA can refurbish your nozzles to a like-new condition. If you have the resources to refurbish the nozzles in-house we keep a complete inventory of standard parts to ship them 1-day ARO.

Contact Brian Robison or Marc Wardell in our engineering department for assistance with your requirements.

Email or

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Mark Gilley
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December 2017

December is here! Most of you will have some sort of Christmas or winter break. This is the time that you can repair or refurbish your tools so when production returns after the first of the year all tools will be at optimum condition, (or at least that is the plan).

I would like to remind or introduce that FISA can refurbish your hot runner nozzles here in our Corporate Headquarters in Tullahoma, TN. Once you send us your nozzles, we will clean and evaluate the nozzle. We will give you a service report that will provide an estimate to refurbish the nozzle to a like-new condition with a 1-day turnaround.

If you send us a purchase order to perform the refurbishment, we will return your like-new nozzle quickly. Because we have an extensive inventory of our standard parts we will be able to complete the refurbishment and return your nozzle in 1-day ARO.

If you have the resources to clean and refurbish the nozzles in your tool room, FISA will support you with same day shipping of the spare parts, if we receive your purchase order by 2:00 pm central time. If we receive your PO after 2:00 pm, your parts will ship next day.

To celebrate the Holiday, FISA will be closed Friday, December 22, returning Wednesday, December 27. We will also be closed Monday, January 1, returning Tuesday, January 2.

We at FISA wish you a safe and joyous Christmas season.

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Mark Gilley
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November 2017

As November begins, it is a season for us to reflect on the things we that are thankful. For me, it is a time of remembering the times as a child. At Thanksgiving, we would have some of my aunts, uncles, and cousins at our house for the Thanksgiving meal. All my cousins, my brothers and I would go outside and play, while the adults would tell stories from their younger years. We may have even watched some football on the television.

Here at FISA Corporation, we are thankful for you, our customers. It is because of you that we are here. We think our NH and AH series hot runner design is best in the industry. They can be directly gated to the part eliminating the need for runners. They are competitively priced and will provide years of operation with minimal downtime. We also believe our attention to customer service is world class.

However, while it is important for us to have confidence in our products and service, it is more important for us to know your opinion of FISA. We want to continually improve our customer service and have developed a Customer Service Survey to give you, our customers, a way to give us a “piece of your mind”.

With all of that said, I would like to invite you to invest 2-3 minutes and click on the front page on our website, scan to the bottom and click the “customer survey” box. There are 10 questions that will help us to evaluate the industry’s perception of FISA’s customer service. After completing the survey please click the “submit” button at the bottom and the survey will be emailed to me.

It is FISA’s intention to provide the level of customer satisfaction that you would like. I appreciate you allowing me these few minutes out of your busy day to help us improve our level of service to you.

As a reminder, with the Christmas Shutdown approaching, FISA has a complete inventory of standard components for your valve gates in stock in Tullahoma for your spare part requirements.

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Mark Gilley
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October 2017

This month I would like to discuss some of the benefits of using the FISA AH or NH valve gates to deliver melt to the injection mold. They can be direct gated to the part; therefore, eliminating the runner. Eliminating the runner is an automatic cost reduction due to reduced amount of plastic used and cycle time reduction because de-gating, sprue pickers or granulators are not needed. Because granulators are not needed, you will have a cleaner and quieter shop floor. You have a cleaner and quieter shop floor and employee morale will increase.

Reduction in cost and cycle time is one thing; however, if quality of the part is compromised, the only thing you will have done is to make scrap cheaper and faster. This is not what helps your bottom line. See how FISA designs quality into the melt delivery system.

High Resin Flow, Low Sheer Stress:
The patented FISA valve gate nozzle has smooth melt flow near the gate reducing the molecular pressure and fragmentation of the resin; therefore, reducing stress.

Preventing the Back Flow of Resin:
The piston is a specially shaped design which seals the gate precisely and prevents backflow from the cavities.

FISA’s Patented Valve Mechanism:
The patented internal spring design utilizes resin pressure for opening and closing of the gate. When you have multiple nozzles in a mold, the melt pressure will open and close the gates simultaneously. This internal structure is a dependable, low maintenance design for high volume production.

If you are in the process of designing a mold, please use the engineering resources at FISA to design the optimal melt delivery system to make your parts good and your bottom line strong.

You can contact our engineering department by phone (931) 222-4351 or
Brian Robison by email at
Marc Wardell by email at

Mark Gilley
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September 2017

As September is soon coming, there will be a colorful backdrop to the countryside as the leaves turn from green to vibrant red, orange and yellow. Football is starting to be played on the weekends.

Many industries will be tooling up for new products during this time. Especially in the plastic injection molding community. With an increase in off-shore molders, it is more important today to put your company in a competitive position. As you know, how you design and develop the injection mold will be a factor in how efficient the tool operates. As mentioned in last month’s blog, cycle time and material used will greatly influence the total cost of delivering parts to your customers.

If you are in the process of designing a new injection mold tool, feel free to use FISA as a resource to help with the design of the hot runner system. Our in-house Engineering department has many years of experience and can design an efficient plastic delivery system that will give you years of production with minimal downtime. Brian Robison or Marc Wardell will be happy to provide the hot runner nozzles with the appropriate type, size and gate for your application.

You can contact our engineering department by phone (931) 222-4351 or
Brian Robison by email at
Marc Wardell by email at

I hope you have a chance to enjoy the color of nature’s Autumn, your football teams win and you will contact Brian or Marc as a resource for your hot runner needs.

Mark Gilley
(931) 222-4351

August 2017

On the outside, it seems like we sell FISA hot runner systems, also known as runner less mold systems.
But is that really true? I like to think we sell service and savings to our customers.


Material. Plastic may be cheap unless you are producing plastic parts…. Over the life of the tool, a few pennies saved per part can add up to HUGE savings. No runner, no wasted plastic. Oh, but you use a granulator and re-grind your plastic, right? How much does that grinder cost compared to a hot runner system? How do you separate your parts from your runners? Conveyors? Sprue Pickers? More cost again…. not to mention more peripheral equipment that can break, and the noise of that grinder…. can you say hearing protection? How about color matching with regrind? Regrind will throw off your colors, and because it’s already been through the plasticizing process, the plastic has lost some of its qualities.

Cycle time. As a plastic molder, you’ll need a certain number of parts per hour just to break even. There is the cost of the plastic, do you trim the sprues? Well, labor is very expensive as I’m sure you know. The overhead of the press, electricity, the building, the operator, office people, fork lifts… you get the picture. Any reduction in cycle time will drastically increase profits.

So why wouldn’t you want a process that makes just the parts? The FISA system is a valve gated system that has been around for almost 40 years so it is proven. I know, I know, very few of you have ever heard of us in North America. Well, I’m making it my mission to change that. It’s a great product with the best service. It’s simple and it works! Now I know you can cut a cold runner and/or a sprue into your new mold and it will run just fine, but what will that cost you in the long run? Other systems use hydraulics or pneumatics to operate the valve. The FISA system uses just a spring and the pressure of the plastic for operation. We will probably save enough in mold height steel alone over the other systems to pay for a FISA system. Give us a call or send us an email to see how we can help streamline your operation and increase your bottom line. We have a complete inventory of all standard parts and can ship in 1 day whether it is spare parts or complete nozzles.

Mark Gilley
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July 2017

Summer is a time to enjoy many outdoor activities. Hiking trails, floating rivers, taking road trips, visiting theme parks, camping to name a few of these activities. It is a chance to unwind from your daily grind, to create family memories, or just to enjoy friends and family.

With a few precautions, these activities can be safely enjoyed. If you are camping or hiking make sure you have plenty of water to hydrate with, a basic first aid kit and some insect repellent. Take plenty of sunscreen if you are outside, even on cloudy days you will need UV protection. But most important don’t forget your Smore’s kit.

When you are driving to your destination, keep your speed down, those white signs along the way are not suggested speeds. Be aware of the distracted drivers that may try to share your lane. Play travel games with the children during the trip. Many times, the journey is as enjoyable as the destination.

We at FISA Corporation want you to enjoy your well-earned vacation and know that when you return we will have a full stock of standard Hot Runner Nozzles and spare parts to keep your injection molds making the best parts possible. Please contact us with any questions or quotation requests.

Mark Gilley

June 2017

Summer is right around the corner and many molders will have a summer shut down as a time for refreshing and recharging for most people. However, for the people that keep the tools running that make the plastic parts, this is the time to schedule tool repairs. Included in the repair of the tools is the inspection and or replacement of the hot runner components.

Evaluation of the heaters and thermocouples.
Ring and cartridge heaters should be examined for frayed wiring, damage to the metal case, and loss of the wire seal on cartridge heaters. Frayed insulation may be repaired with high-temperature electrical tape. If the conductor wire or metal case is damaged, the heater should be replaced.

Thermocouple examination is for frayed insulation, kinks and crushed areas on the metal sheath. As with the heaters, frayed insulation may be repaired with high-temperature electrical tape. A thermocouple with kinks or crushed metal sheath should be replaced.

FISA Corporation keeps a large assortment of heaters and thermocouples along with all the standard components required for the complete rebuild of the hot runner nozzle drops in stock in Tullahoma, Tn. Please contact us with any questions or quotation requests.

Mark Gilley